About Me

Hi! I’m Sarane [pronounced Sa rain]. I am a self taught quilter who’s journey started with a request from a dear friend to make pillows from her departed beloved’s shirts. I was not a sewer at that time but I had been gifted a sewing machine and I’m not one to miss a challenge. They came out great. It was my first project and I learned a lot, mostly how to use the internet for research - she wanted Union Jack patterns. I also learned that I enjoyed the project. So, I went out a bought more shirts from charity shops - cheap fabric once upon a time. {I have since taken to purchasing ‘real’ fabric and have taken my collection of shirts back to the charity shops so they can be worn again. I then made my first quilt - a baby quilt for my first great nephew. 

Well, that was all a few years ago now and I haven’t stopped quilting since... 

My particular passion is creating something special and unique for the individual person. My inspiration came from my daughter whose quilts was my third project. When we were discussing ideas for fabrics and patterns she said ‘Mum, I want it to have something of you, for when you’re gone.’ Thanks!! But it’s true, quilts are heirlooms and it’s a special gift to have remembrances of your connection. Choosing fabrics with the recipient in mind also shows how much you care and how well you know that person. Once again the internet is so helpful! The range and variety of fabrics is astounding. You can even have fabric printed with your own designs or photo graphs. It can also go a bit wrong - the time I ordered fabric from Australia only to discover the same one at my local fabric shop, comes to mind. 

I have recently relocated to the Emerald Isle. I have had the good fortune to find the perfect space to set up a quilting studio. And I’m ready for my next challenge. I have not sent my quilts to a long armer  because I felt they wouldn’t feel like ‘mine’ when they come back.  I have been quilting in strips - it works but it’s not perfect. I’m sure plenty of folks also quilt as you go. My idea is to offer long arm quilting and long arm quilting classes which then enable quilters to quilt their own quilts at the studio. I am also keen to offer the studio for folks to have the space to plan and piece their quilts - I have put many projects together on the floor over the years. It’s a real treat to have a design wall and the space to put your project together. 


This is a new venture and I’d love to hear from you if you have ideas about what you might like to see going on at Quayside Quilting.